ESAT Courses

We offer two courses for students wanting to improve their ESAT score. If you are a student wanting support with the entire exam, the Comprehensive ESAT Course is for you. If you have already started your preparation and want to get support with the most difficult questions/topics students face each year, then the Booster ESAT Course is for you.

ESAT Comprehensive Course

2024 Comprehensive Course Dates:

Sun 15th Sep

Limited Spaces Available

Sun 06th Oct

Spaces Available

ESAT Booster Course.

2024 Booster Course Dates:

Sat 01st Oct


Sat 12th Oct

Spaces Available

Here's what you'll be doing on the day of the Comprehensive Course.


The ESAT comprehensive course schedule is still under development, come back soon and discover the magnificent plan we have for you to ace your ESAT!

Here's what you'll be doing on the day of the Booster Course.


Our Exams experts are developing a master plan for this Booster course to become the key of your ESAT success!

It was really useful and boosted my confidence - I'm grateful that we went through each and every question style and it showed me what work I had to do. Thank you so much!

Your course will be taught by a true ESAT expert.

Learn straight-to-the-point ESAT tips & strategies to boost your score rapidly.

Expert Tutors

You'll learn from the best ESAT tutors who have already succeeded with the ESAT.

Rapidly improve

Speed up your ESAT preparation - learn what works and boost your score.

delivered online

You can take the course from the comfort of your home (or bed!).

Example Comprehensive Course slides from 2022.

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